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Young people in the BibleRuth and Naomi        

with stories about 

  • Ruth

  • Samuel

  • Joseph of Egypt

  • David 

  • Ishmael

Young people in the New Testament

  • JesusJesus reads in the synagogue at Nazareth

  • John the apostle

  • Salome

  • the daughter of Jairus 

  • Mary of Nazareth


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...When David faced Goliath he  was a young boy with a young boy's strength, and he faced an enemy who was extremely strong. David sensibly realized he could not beat this ogre by fighting him in the traditional manner...   See  David uses lateral thinking

...During a famine Ruth's young husband died, as did his father and brother. The three women were left alone and defenceless. All they had was each other...   
See Two women stand together

Hannah dedicates her son Samuel

Hannah dedicates her son  Samuel  to God's service


       Bible Study Resource for young people in the Old and New Testaments 

  Young People in the Bible
Jesus of Nazareth, David, Mary of Nazareth, Salome, Joseph son of Jacob, Samuel, John the Apostle, Ishmael, Ruth, daughter of Jairus

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