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Great Warriors and Soldiers in the Bible

with stories about

  • SamsonConfederate soldier

  • David

  • Joshua

  • Gideon

  • the Maccabees

  • Jephtah

  • Omri

  • Ahab

  • Saul

  • Barak

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Strong arm, hammer...When the Philistines learned the reason behind Samson's prodigious strength, they captured him and put out his eyes making him, they thought, utterly helpless.

Some time later, he was led into the temple of Dagon and made sport of as part of the day's entertainment.

But unnoticed by the Philistines, his hair had begun to grow back.   Read more...

Gideon's selection of the 300 makes an interesting story. He chose the men who drank from a stream lying full-length and lapping at the water. A German soldier in World War II This meant they had to lie on the ground, mouth to the spring, and drink directly, rather than cupping water in their hands.

Why? Perhaps Gideon was testing their physical and psychological fighting capacity.

  • Those who were too fastidious to fling themselves on the ground and preferred to kneel may have shown insufficient adaptability, a reluctance to face discomfort.

  • Those who lay full length on the ground offered the enemy a reduced target, perhaps a signal that they have faced an enemy before and learnt the hard lessons of war.     Read more...

A common soldier...Peace could not be maintained.  Once again, Ben-Hadad attacked, and Ahab faced him in battle at Ramoth-Gilead. This time he dressed as a common soldier - leaders in battle were targets for archers, and it was prudent to use some form of camouflage.

The ruse did not work, and Ahab was mortally wounded by a random arrow. But he fought on. When he could no longer stand, he had himself propped up in his chariot, so that he could see the fighting. As the sun went down on the battlefield, he died.   


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