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Bible Heroes


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Moses throws down the stone tablets of the LawMoses was something of a tragic figure. He grew up in a foreign court and was rejected at first by his own people when he tried to help them. He became a fugitive when he intervened on behalf of a Hebrew slave and killed an Egyptian. His own people complained when he tried to free them from Pharaoh and slavery. But he knew what he had to do...


Joseph remains the model of the ideal husband and father - though given the time and place, it cannot have been easy for him. He lived in a society that demanded virginity in a bride, and yet he was prepared to marry a girl who was already with child, a child whom he knew was not his...



Roaring lionSamson grew up to be an exceptionally strong man, but he was never a 'gentle giant'. Quite the reverse. He never negotiated with an enemy when there was a chance of fighting.





Moses from the movie 'The Ten Commandments'

Moses from the movie 'The Ten Commandments'



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