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Seductive womanSome Philistine leaders approached Delilah and offered her an immense sum of money if she found out the secret of Samson's strength. Three times she asked him, and three times he gave a false answer. Eventually he told her that his strength resided in his hair which, since it had never been cut, was far more plentiful that any other man's. Since he was probably only a customer to Delilah, and since the money she would get for the secret would be enough to release her from her life of prostitution, she gave his secret away.... 

Girl with staring eyesAt Antipas' birthday dinner the young Salome danced, and pleased her step-father mightily. In his cups, or seeming to be, Antipas promised her anything that she asked for. She went to her mother for advice: what should she demand? Herodias seized the opportunity and told her to ask for John's head. Salome went back to the banquet hall and made her request. Antipas immediately granted it. John was beheaded (and therefore silenced permanently), and the young princess calmly went on with her life - she married well, twice, and lived a long life.

Egyptian wall painting of a womanPotiphar had a beautiful wife, a woman used to getting her way. She was lonely, bored and constantly in the company of an unusually handsome man, a Brad Pitt of the ancient world. Neglected by her husband who may have been a eunuch, she fell in love with Joseph - to the point where she became obsessed with him. Soon the temptation became too much. She made some kind of sexual approach to Joseph - 'Lie with me', she said.

Painting of a Harem woman, Frank Dicksee

Painting of a Harem woman, Frank Dicksee


  Bad Women in the Bible
Jezebel, Potiphar's Wife, Salome, Eve, Lot's Wife, Lot's Daughters, Delilah, Herodias, Athaliah, Maacah



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